About this site

I just wanted to post the stories I made from my “real” yellow notebook that has been with me since I was a small child. When I read some of the stories I can’t help but writhe in embarrassment. That I could think some cheesy story lines, I guess I experience a chuunibyou syndrome which I only realize now. Just remembering it makes my face flush in shame.

Shame aside, I thought I had better transfer the contents to another medium soon. The cover has become all crinkly, the pages yellow and crisp. Like it would tear or worse turn to dust or something. My sisters suggested uploading it to the internet and I thought why not?

Now here I am. My stories are heavily inspired by anime and manga. So don’t be surprise if they use Japanese words even if they’re not Japanese. LOL.

Yaoi, yuri and hentai. Please do not be surprise if you see these kinds of genre. I’ll be sure to label if it is so you won’t accidentally read something that will burn your eyes and make you curse me and my future great grandchildren.

And lastly, English is not my first language so I’ll be sure to make a lot of mistakes in the grammar. Constructive criticisms are welcome.

I also have a tumblr account. I’ll just post the chapters there but I would still prioritize this site. Check it out: http://sayarii.tumblr.com/


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